Terms of stay
Rooms are available from 16:00 on the day of arrival until 10:00 on the day of departure.
For late arrival, early departures or unoccupied beds will be charged 80% of the daily amount.
The meals will not be refunded.
The management reserves the right to minor changes. Between one room and the other, in the same category, it is possible differences in location, size and furnishings.
For the third bed in the master bedroom to a discount of 15%.

The reservation will be considered final upon receipt of the deposit we request and followed by written confirmation.
In case of non-receipt of the deposit we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.
We accept payments of deposit by money order, bank transfer or by credit card by following our instructions (American Express and Diners not accepted).
In case of cancellation in the month before the date of arrival, the deposit will not be refunded (art. 1358 and 1386 of the Civil Code).
To protect any cancellations after the deadline we would recommend the HGV insurance.

We accept payment in cash, by check, credit card or cash.

In the rooms as throughout the hotel it is non-smoking.
In the dining room and in the bar you can‘t bring / consume own drinks.

Conditions under Article. 1341 Civil Code applied in contracts of the hotel between the exercise receptive Hotel Italy and customers, respectively persons making the reservation.

Cancellation policy pursuant to art. 1382 Civil Code
Up to 21 days before arrival date agreed the hotel contract can be cancelled by the customer or by the person who made the reservation with a written statement that should not be paid any amount as a penalty.
In case of cancellation by the customer or the person who made the reservation in the period from 21 days before the date of arrival and agreed the same day arrival is due a sum of the following cancellation fees:
Cancellation no later than 21 days prior to arrival: the deposit is retained.
Cancellation no later than 14 days prior to arrival: 50% of the agreed total price
Cancellation up to 7 days before arrival date: 70% of the agreed total price
The cancellation must be effected by written declaration and received by the hotel within the period mentioned above
In case of failure to take delivery of beds booked for the agreed period the client or the person who made the booking it is liable to pay the sum corresponding to 70% of the agreed total price.
For the agreed total price means that for accommodation, meals and any other performance.
In the case of partial termination or whenever they are not occupied all the beds booked, the above percentages refer only to the agreed price relative to the beds not occupied or canceled.

Obligations in the event of early departure of the customer
In case of early departure of the latter customer or the person who made the booking it is liable to pay the benefits consumed until the day of departure and to pay the sum corresponding to 80% of the agreed price for the remaining services not used.